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Scape is an iconic building in the northern part of Iceland with the aim to celebrate the Icelandic culture of cinema by facilitating visitors of the site to learn about the essence of Icelandic filmmaking inside a small movie pavilion. Next to the famous Grjotagja caves, the pavilion becomes an iconic landmark where visitors are able to gather and share their passion for cinema.

Scape is conceptually aiming to become an icon that blends with and respects its distinctive and remarkable landscape. The shape and materials of the building resemble and resonate with the character of the surrounding mountains, the volcanic ground and the caves. The presence of the landscape and especially its characteristic silhouette is respected by lifting the building from its ground. The element of time is included in the proposal by making a reference to the snowy season in which the harsh and rugged landscape is transformed into a soft and smooth plane. Blending in by its surroundings the pavilion aims to respect its contrasting landscape and enlarge the quality of the location.

Visitors are able to enter the building on two sides of the volume and will be welcomed in an ongoing external focussed space. A closed box inside this space will facilitate the pavilion with a kitchen providing drinks and food. Visitors are located under the cinema hall which they are able to enter by taking one of the four stairs leading into different routes, as a corridor in a cave, to the main space. The main space is a reference to the cave hall, but the space inside the pavilion will be a cinema hall in which the Icelandic culture of cinema will be shown. The space doesn’t have regular seating which enlarges the experience of being inside a cave.


Scape is an iconic building representing Icelandic cinema inside a building which is respecting and emphasizing the recognizable and distinctive landscape of Iceland.






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