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dec 2023


A special year in which we met new clients, worked on an impactful urban plan in Rotterdam, had memorable brainstorming sessions, had many pleasant evening dinners, made beautiful models, met new colleagues and had meaningful excursions together.


Thanks! On to next year.

nov 2023


During the city makers' congress, the cultural and societal axis of the Kaai was discussed with interested professionals and residents of Rotterdam. How can a cultural and societal space be created that will be relevant, future-proof, and embody the identity of the neighborhood?

okt 2023


Anne Wies joins the team of LAB_LAU.

Rotterdam - De Kaai


Commissioned by VORM and Amvest, LAB_LAU is currently working with Mecanoo and de Urbanisten on an urban plan for the Kaai area. Until recently, this area was used by the well-known factory site of Upfield, but will be transformed into a special part of the city the coming years. The location next to the Maas will have approximately 1,000 homes in various sizes, 10,000 square meters of commercial space including a cultural program and restaurants, a highly urban character with a number of special historical factory buildings, a livable ground floor area with varied squares and an active plinth and a special green quay along the Maas. 

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